I have always had a love of photography. In the early 1970's I began taking wildlife photos and added a darkroom to the back of my garage so I could develop my film and make prints. With the digital upon us, in 2001 I purchased a Nikon D1x, later a Nikon D2x and then a Nikon D3. Most of my wildlife shots are taken in Olympic National Park and Yellowstone National Park. I am a member of the Yellowstone Association, the Audubon Society, Nikon Pro Services, National Association of Photoshop Professionals and have been a life long wildlife conservationist.

My favorite animals to photograph are wolves, black bear and grizzly bears but enjoy photographing all critters.

I have a gallery called Crow's Foot Gallery located at 2616 Sumner Ave., Aberdeen, WA. The gallery phone number is

My daughter, Angela Messmer, studied and acquired both her State and Federal licenses to rescue and rehabilitate birds and wild animals. She currently cares for approximately 150 birds and wild animals. The name of her non-profit business is THE FRIENDS OF SLIM PICKENS. Slim was a baby crow that she rescued after being kicked out the nest because it had deformed legs and feet. She has rescued and rehabilitated red tailed hawks, bald eagles, deer, bear, owls, raccoons and California brown pelicans to name a few.

A percentage of each sale is donated to THE FRIENDS OF SLIM PICKENS.